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Fever Magazine

There are tons of social networking platforms out there. When one of our clients proposed to make a brand new social media platform, We accepted that as a new challenge and decided to create something cleaner and time-efficient where other social media platforms are huge time killers and destructive. We focussed on very specific features; mostly Fever Magazine social media platform is based on sharing user stories and making connections and building community among the users. So our best team of experts analyzed all possibilities and fatalities and picked the most robust, efficient solutions




30D Religious App

30D is the most popular Islamic Application in the Netherlands right now with 10 thousands of downloads and is run by National Zakat Foundation Netherlands. It's open for all users across the world. There are some must do and novel activity in Islam like, 5 waqt salah, giving Zakat, fasting in Ramadan, following Sunnah and many more. 30D provides the functionality to perform those activities and keep users up to date with their activities. This Application provides the power of doing Islamic novel Activities in an effective way, and makes complex tasks easy such as calculating Zakat, Notifying users when it's time to go for Salah and providing educational content to learn about “Shariah” and “Sunnah”.



Payment Messaging Gateway Platform

We have worked together with a fintech company recently to build their Payment Gateway Messaging platform. The fintech company introduced a Loan Management System for internal employees to curate loan-related needs for their customers. This Payment Gateway messaging system worked as a center point of communication between Loan Management System, Customer Management System and several third party Wallet services.






wedPlanner - Event Planning at ease

wedPlanner is an Australia-based eCommerce idea that focused on wedding-related services such as e-Invitation, invitation card design, invitation management, etc. wedPlanner automates and digitalizes the process of the whole idea of event planning.





Gotcha is a worldwide and local friends discovery app that makes your day exciting with new people wherever they are. All you need to do is to start chatting with them and let's start making friends.



Nasir Toys - Invoicing and Inventory Made Simple

We worked together with a Bangladeshi large-scale manufacturer of toys and provided a software solution that automated their bookkeeping, inventory management, and invoicing. The company previously had a paper-based solution of doing business, based on our solution they were able to move into a portable paperless management system which increased the ease of doing business.



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