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Community Engagement

Globally, the Muslim population is growing at a rapid pace. The Internet and other forms of connectivity have made it possible for any group to stay in touch with its members.

Daily Activity Reminder

For many people, their daily behaviors have a considerable impact on their quality of life. One of the challenges we all face is figuring out what daily routines and habits will best serve us.

Prayer Time Reminder

You`ve just arrived in a foreign country and have no idea where you`re going? To have the app automatically locate you, simply tap your location on the main page or the Settings tab.


Get Quality Features

We will customize your Islamic mobile application for your Muslim community, allowing you to interact with everything your community requires on a single screen.

Iota Solutions
Iota Solutions


Millions of Muslims throughout the world rely on our app for prayer times and adhan, and we were the first to give confirmed prayer hours for key cities around the world in a mobile app. Our functionality allows you to tailor it to your own prayer time anywhere you go.


In addition to the Arabic scripts, phonetics and translations of the entire Quran, we also have audio recitations from various reciters. You may now keep track of the verses you`ve read thanks to Reading Progress. Favorite Quranic verses that inspire you and share them with your family and friends!

Iota Solutions
Iota Solutions


It doesn`t matter where you are in the world, you can access our app`s animated Qibla compass and map to find your way to Mecca to perform Salah.


You can search for and filter Duas according to your specific requirements. To support us in our day-to-day activities as Muslims, there are numerous Duas that are mentioned in various Islamic scriptures. Inspire your family and friends to use suitable Duas when starting or ending any activity.

Iota Solutions

More Features

Additional Features

IOTA is an industry-leading mobile application development company that provides extensive religious, lifestyle, and community features.

Iota Solutions
Iota Solutions

Islamic calender

The Islamic calendar, often known as the Hijri calendar, consists of 12 months for determining important events.

Iota Solutions


Translations of the Quran help your community communicate the meaning of the holy book to non-Arabic speakers.

Iota Solutions


This feature help you learn how to expresses Muslim faith in the unity of Allahu ta`ala and the prophethood of Muhammad.

Iota Solutions


This function will assist you in calculating your annual donation to socity wich is compulsory for every muslim.

Iota Solutions


This feature will help you to find out which Dua you should recite as per your daily need.

Iota Solutions


Mosque locator can assist you in locating your payer place and important isalmic location.

Iota Solutions

daily inspiration

This will strengthen your commitment to Islam through daily quotes.

Iota Solutions

Halal places

This function will assist you in locating and detecting halal establishments around your present location.

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Like To Read, What Our Client Said? Project that inspires pros every morning.

Iota Solutions
Iota Solutions
Iota Solutions
Iota Solutions
Iota Solutions

They delivered EXCELLENT high quality work! I am very happy with the results! They assisted me from A to Z. Great support! Definitely will work with them again.

Iota Solutions

Saifullah Khaled

Founder & President
Help the future (HTF)

Alhamdulillah IOTA has managed our Islamic app project well with good communication and coordination. I`m very happy with the service they provide.

Iota Solutions

Mohammad Idris

Fayazee welfare foundation


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FAQ is a list of frequently asked questions. Islamic App Development is a confusing topic for
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