Offshore Dedicated Team

Offshore Dedicated Team

At IOTA infotech, we believe height comes from freedom, so we let our clients be our partners and enable them with our top-notch dedicated resources which we name as ‘offshore dedicated team’. This way, we can transform our limitations into strengths together while spurring us to go beyond. So you can …

  1. Build a custom solution perfectly fitting your requirement!
  2. Outline your project aligned to your budget and timeframe!
  3. Monitor and lead your development team As you desire

Our offshore dedicated team surely can be a lifeline to your growth!

We build and let you hire a fully scalable team of dedicated developers, designers, and other experts who will work exclusively on your projects according to your needs just like any in-house team but without any hiring hassle.

With Our

Dedicated Offshore Team,

You Get Complete Authority.

Select a dedicated team entirely under your control specifically for your project. Change or customize any features anytime and manage your work according to the way you want.

Manage the work schedule of your team

Keep your team as long as you need

Monitor daily work progress of each person

Make any changes anytime as required

How does it work?

With IOTA infotech, recruiting offshore teams is more flexible. With our years of experience, we've developed a process that will make every step of your development journey, from hiring to getting the job done, a lot easier, faster, transparent and efficient.

Discovery & Project Understating

We begin with getting complete information from you about your goal. You do not have to be specific but just the ideas about what you expect from your team. You will need to clarify what sort of expertise you are looking for. We will find potential candidates according to your requirements. We will sketch the dynamics, technical requirements, duration, and overall expenses in detail. After that, we will give you a complete presentation of our findings in an understandable and clear way so we are sure about our mutual goals. 

Resource identification & quotation

Following discovery, together we identify the least number of resources that would be needed on your project considering the timeline. Alternatively, if you know how many resources you need well and well. Since we charge monthly for core members of your team, after finding out the composition of the team, we simply quote the total. We will also suggest resources that might be necessary for the project. 

Presentation of Candidates & Team Set-up

We will explore the respective professional community and shortlist the best possible candidates who can do the job for you. We will interview them initially to understand their eligibility in our own office premises and only after that we will present them in front of you for final selection. You will confirm with the team members and from our end, we will ensure a healthy and world-class work environment with complete infrastructure. 

Execution & timeless monitoring

You will be solely managing and controlling the entire team with complete authority. You can terminate any team member or restructure the team as you desire and also monitor their work progress anytime. We will take care of the administrative and HR aspects only. IOTA infotech as a provider will ensure the most suitable workstations for your team members, their safety, health, and any other relevant matter. However, the entire responsibility of the project execution and delivery will be yours. 

Professional Work Environment and Infrastructure support 

We will ensure all the necessary software, hardware, applications, accessories, stationeries, power supply,  Internet, meals, snacks, and 24/7 security of your team members within our office premises. The work environment will comply with international labor law and business standards. 

For whom it is helpful 

  • Organizations that are seeking experienced members for their team, at an affordable cost.
  • Who doesn’t have the resources to hire offshore members.
  • Projects with a long-term goal. 
  • Organizations that are seeking team members for the short term. 


  • You can connect with providers from all around the world.
  • You can get experts working for you from any part of the world.
  • You will not require any physical office space/infrastructure to operate your business. 
  • Complete monitoring power and authority over your team.
  • Hassle-free hiring process and lower recruitment cost. 
  • Experienced offshore members at a comparatively low cost.