Islamic App Development Guidelines

Islamic App Development Guidelines

Muslim Ummah benefits greatly from Islamic App Development. Right? Are you still baffled as to why I'm saying this? Read this Article to find out why it's important, what it does, how much it costs, and how to do it & step-by-step guidance to implement this strategy.

Some time has passed since people used to dedicate large portions of their days to prayer and other religious activities. In the past things were easier because people’s work schedules weren’t as demanding. Life after work was less cluttered as a result.

Then, what’s going on right now? 10-hour workdays are common, as are side employment, after-hours cafeterias and movie theaters, to name a few. As a result, it has become increasingly difficult to integrate all of this and religious traditions into a 24-hour day.

Muslims, in general, face a greater struggle in this regard. In order to practice Islam, one must wake up before dawn to perform the Fajr, pray 5 times a day, read the Holy Quran, and make Duas throughout the day. It is tough for professionals to manage a busy work schedule because  many of these duties must be accomplished at specified times.

But fortunately, the solution to this significant issue isn’t tough at all. Because it is easy now to Develop an Islamic App that can help you to organize & keep track of your prayer schedule. The Muslim Community is expanding, and everything is now accessible via the internet. So, there’s a big market for a developer or a business owner to start & expand a firm while serving good deeds to the public.

All of this in mind, we’ve put together the comprehensive guide to Islamic App Development. If you’re working on a new Islamic App, this guide is for you. Start with the most crucial developer needs while developing an Islamic App. A programming language & other technical resources should be identified.

You can learn how to build an Islamic App step-by-step with the help of this guide. With the aid of this roadmap, you may create the Islamic App you need. Let's get started now.

An Overview of Islamic App Development

Every facet of Islamic App development will be covered in this manual. The overall price and all of the numerous phases, types & technologies are included in this. It will add a lot of time to the guide. As a result, you may receive an overview of the entire process at the outset. Also we’ve made an effort to make the Islamic Application Development Guide or Guidelines summary table-based so that it’s easy for you to understand.


Quran App, Finance App, Halal Detection App, Prayer Reminder App, GPS App, Hadith & eBooks App, Donation App.


iOS, Android, Windows, Web App.


Find Your Niche: Research Your Target Audience; Analyze Your Competitors; Plan Your Key Features; Prepare Your Design Elements; Select Your Platform; Develop Your Product; Test It; Deploy It; Deployment; Maintain It.

Tech Stack

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Vue.js, Node.js, Angular, React.js, C#, Flutter, Ruby, Java, Python, Scala, PHP, Spring, Web Server, Databases, Storage.

Development Cost

The average cost is around …… (Depending on the country & Variety of Apps)

                                             Islamic App Development Summary Table

What is App Development?

App Development is the complete process of taking an idea from concept to delivery and beyond. Whether you are delivering a brand new offering or enhancing an existing product, the product development cycle begins long before anything gets built. It encompasses everything from brainstorming the initial concept to strategically planning, building, and releasing it to market– and then measuring its success. Traditionally, App Development was equated with the build phase of the product life cycle. For teams following strict waterfall processes, requirements were defined upfront and implemented in sequential phases. Most product teams now embrace a more iterative approach based on agile methodologies. Apps may be developed on various platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows and others. 

Methodologies aside, product development today is about much more than “how” a product is built. It is “why” “what” and “when”-- involving cross-functional work from product management and engineering all the way to product marketing. Your goal is to work together to build, launch, and refine a product that customers love.

We will cover the Total app development process. So, be patient & see what occurs at the end of this road map.

What is Islamic App Development?

So what is Islamic App Development all about? The process of developing software specifically for the Islamic Community is known as Islamic Application Development.

These platforms include iOS, Android, Windows and Web Apps. There are a variety of programming languages & technologies employed by Islamic App Developers. Then, the programs are made available for download in the Application Stores. While on the other side, produce & provide directly to the consumer for the app developer.

What’s the Purpose of Developing an Islamic App?

The Muslim Community is quickly expanding over the world. Every community wishes to keep in touch with its members via the internet and other forms of connectivity. And they do share their possessions amongst themselves. Islamic App Development is booming as a result of this trend.

A recent survey predicts that revenues of Islamic App Development Services are expected to increase by 52% by 2023. It’s fantastic to see the growth of Muslim-specific app development.

Islamic Apps are one of the most important tools for improving the lives of Muslims around the world. For these reasons, you should consider Islamic App Development before you begin.

The Most Famous Islamic Apps?

A thorough knowledge of the many types of Islamic applications is necessary before creating one. Helpful information about the different kinds can be gleaned by learning about them. And this can help you to meet your company objectives.

If you are acquainted with Islamic app development, you will be well-equipped. Your App will make it easier for your target audience to access. Your revenue sources will grow as well.

In addition, you may want to create an Islamic App for smartphones as well. In this case, it is essential to learn about the several types of Islamic Apps and their development & growth. You can create both a mobile app and a website. As a result, you will be able to create an effective & sustainable business plan for your company.

Let's take a look at what sorts of Islamic app development are we going to discuss today? In other terms, we can refer to it as Islamic app development or the creation of Islamic applications for various platforms. All of the prominent Islamic Apps work in the same way. It is also important to note that Islamic development follows a similar pattern.

360 Islamic App

It includes all Islamic services and a fully functional Islamic lifestyle. In this app, Muslims can find all they need for their practices and personal lives all in one place.

  • Quran Collection
  • Quran Translation
  • Quran Learning
  • Hadith Collection
  • Ramadan Calendar
  • Prayer Time
  • Qibla Compass
  • Tasbih
  • Mosque Finder GPS
  • Community
  • Zakat Calculator
  • Donation
  • Finance Advisor

GPS Mosque Finder App

The Islamic GPS mosque locator is the first and most comprehensive location-based application program for Muslims looking for nearby mosques and information about the worldwide Islamic community. Built-in compasses to guide Qibla's direction and information about the global Islamic community are also included.

  • Google Map Integration
  • Nearby Mosques
  • Directory
  • Add Masjid
  • Favorites

Hadith Collection App

Hadith collection Islamic app design & development for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, & Windows Tablets. Get access to the most genuine & credible hadiths and Islamic content collection on the internet today.

  • Chapter Insertion
  • Bookmarking
  • Daily Hadith Notification
  • Adjustable font size
  • Favorites

Islamic eBooks Collection App

The Islamic eBooks Collection App is a very well-known and frequently sought-after app on the web and online. This App contains a huge number of digital copies of books written by prior scholars.

  • Offline Bookshelf
  • Day &  Night Mode for Reading
  • Auto Orientation Change
  • Jump to a Specific Page
  • Remember the Last Read
  • Search by Book Name, Author, Publications Name.

Different Versions of Quran Collection App

It's feasible to get the Quran Collection App in a wide range of forms for your iPhone, iPad, Android & iPod touch. With this design, anyone can have access to the most complete and customized collection of the Quran available. The applications feature more than 40 different translations and recitations from well-known and reliable sources.

  • Offline Quran
  • Day &  Night Mode for Reading
  • Auto Orientation Change
  • Jump to a Specific Page
  • Remember the Last Read
  • Audio Feature

Islamic Prayer Time Reminder App

Using a prayer time app is a way of ensuring that everyone follows their religious obligations. Muslims can use the Islamic Prayer Time Reminder App to keep track of the Azan, 5 daily prayers, and the Qibla location.

  • Alarms & Notifications for daily 5 times Prayers
  • Auto Location System & Time Adjustment
  • Qibla Finder
  • Extra Sunnah Prayers Reminder
  • Travel Time to Adjustment

Islamic e-Learning App

  • Self Registration
  • Teacher Account 
  • Student Account
  • Online Course Catalogs
  • Certification
  • Live class

Islamic Finance Advisor App

Islamic Finance Advisor App is a one-to-one communication and forums answer & question app concerning Islamic Finance.

  • Direct Messages
  • Personal Notification
  • Consultant Appointment
  • Community Posting
  • Meeting & Seminars
  • Audio & Video Stream

Islamic Halal Trading App

Companies that deal in Halal products might find Islamic trading app solutions beneficial. In the food and beverage industry, grocery stores & customers, this App offers advanced number of useful features.

  • New User Registration
  • Personalized Home Page
  • Identity Verification
  • Dynamic Database
  • Categories
  • Product Listing

Islamic Community App

Anyone can benefit from the Islamic Community App. Get involved in the community & interact with other members by posting and sharing their thoughts. Besides, this app can encourage different advantages to all users.

  • Social Posting
  • Forums Discussion
  • AI Integration
  • Good Islamic Trends
  • Add Friends
  • Fund Rising

Quran Learning App

Visual Pronunciation of Tongue Movement with Audio Integration and Scheduled Learning Alerts are provided by the Quran Learning App.

Tasbih Islamic App

In regards to counting Zikr, Tasbih's Islamic app provides other Duas and daily reminders. Zikr enables a Muslim to be more productive.

Identical Features of All Islamic App

Despite the rising demand for Islamic app development, each Islamic app must have specific features in order to be optimal. These are among the most commonly used parts in Islamic app development, and you'll learn more about them below.


Muslims would certainly benefit from the Library of Islamic App because it provides them with a lot of information about their faith. Get to know some of the most popular Islamic books written by notable Islamic scholars. The Author's Name, Categories, and the Title of the Book are listed.


Muslims can learn about religious topics from Islamic videos on the Islamic App. These lectures encourage Muslims to embrace and spread Islam, which is beneficial to the Muslim community. Videos by your favorite Muslim cleric can be found on a broad range of Islamic subjects.

Discover Fatwas

On a daily basis, people must deal with a wide range of complexities. Muslims need Fatwas from Islamic Scholars in order to resolve these issues in accordance with the principles of Islam. When exploring or browsing, Fatwas can be found by category.

Sub Menu

Basically, this is the most regular feature in an app. To quickly find what you're searching for, use a search engine or browser. To make it easier to navigate, an icon menu was put in the side menu.

Landing Page

It includes a list of every page and its content. Streaming live radio and content from the following categories: Quran, lessons, lectures, clips and sermon videos.

Audio Page

The New Trendy and Popular Feature is Podcasting and Discussions. Full audio clips, classes, the Qur'an, lectures, and sermons are also available on the site.

Sheiks Page

There is a pressing need for fast-acting advisers from a reliable source to help people resolve their issues promptly. And they need to strengthen their Iman by talking about religious benefits & harmfulness. As a result, each sheik and consulting schedule has a list of sheiks from which to choose posts from the various areas.

Push Notifications

Using push notifications, you can send updates & news to your Muslim community through your Islamic App. You can use the push notification tool to deliver reminders, updates, news, & announcements for lectures and special services, for example.


You can plan all your religious occasions with the help of a specialized smartphone calendar.

Make plans to bring your communities together by posting upcoming activities and dates. You Must expand your community’s membership and celebrate significant events with them.


The Mawlana can be contacted from any location, at any time, thanks to the Contact feature. Through the establishment of a community and the sharing of your contacts in order to facilitate communication and collaboration amongst all members.

Social Sharing

Interact with others in your social media platform and spread the prophet's message with the social sharing feature. Members can now post their lectures and other communications to the internet using this handy tool!

Polls, Surveys, RSVPs

Polls, Surveys, and RSVPs can be used to obtain user feedback on your App, which can help you to enhance your religious work. Scholars can make crucial judgments concerning the community's religion through the use of voting polls.

App Analytics

App Analytics is a terrific tool for monitoring user activity and enhancing the user experience at a moment's notice. Using analytics, you can keep tabs on how well your app is doing and how far it has spread. To better understand and communicate with your target audience, this tool allows you greater insight and control.

Platforms for the Islamic Mobile Applications 

App development for Muslims has never been easier than it is today. An app can, of course, be built using any number of different technological stacks. Because of this, you must choose the right stack for your target audience.

iOS Islamic App Development

iOS application development is the process of creating software for Apple devices. Apple's products include the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. The Swift or Objective-C programming languages are used by iOS app developers to create their apps.

Android Islamic App Development

Android software development is the process of generating apps for Android-powered devices. Using the Android software development kit, Android apps may be written in Kotlin, Java, and C++, as well as other languages. This app utilizes Android technology.

Android Apps

Tablet Apps

Android TV Apps

Gear Apps

Windows Islamic App Development

Windows SDK is a Microsoft software development kit that provides documentation, header files, libraries, examples and tools for creating applications for Windows and the .NET Frameworks. It replaces the previous versions of Windows SDK, Platform SDK and .NET Framework SDK. C++ and different frameworks are thoroughly covered in Windows Application Development as well.

Web Islamic App Development

Apps that run locally and natively on a device's operating system are referred to as "local" or "native" apps. Users can access web apps as long as they have an active Internet connection worldwide. PHP, Python, JavaScript and their frameworks are used to construct the majority of Progressive Web Apps.

The Methods of Islamic App Development

Are you planning to create a Islamic app? In order to accommodate this, there are numerous religious apps accessible for various platforms. As long as new technologies are developed, there will always be room for improvement and new ideas. Options for app creation are numerous.

Here, I'll walk you through the process of building a Muslim mobile application from the ground up. Throughout the process, there are a number of stages. The first step is to figure out what you want to accomplish:

  • Productivity
  • Awareness
  • Communication
  • Engagement

Make an App Concept

Conceptualizing an app is the initial step in the process. It's possible to draw ideas from an existing app, or to come up with a completely new concept. Additionally, you can check into the current applications and see if you can come up with a solution to the problems they are facing. You can also combine features from multiple apps into a single application.

Conduct Competitive Market Research

It's time to do some comparative market research when you've finished brainstorming. To begin, search app stores for an app that is similar to your concept and learn what makes those apps successful. To stand out, you must now deliver something exceptional in your app than those others.

Make a list of the most important details about the apps you're interested in, such as:

  • Features
  • Pricing
  • App Publisher
  • Last Updated
  • Number of downloads
  • Ratings & Reviews

List Down the App’s Features

It's time to construct your app and evaluate its features after you've organized your research. To start, think about your app and all of the features it will require to be successful. Although the features may modify over time as a result of testing or feedback, you must assess what you exactly want the app to be at this stage. You must also plan how you will capitalize from it.

While researching the features, acquire concepts and information about each component. Consider adding features such as:

  • User profile
  • Online contact sync
  • Networking with social media
  • Username, profile information, etc.

Create Mockups of App’s Design

Now comes the fun part: how do you picture your app looking? One thing to keep in mind is to build a clean, simple, and easy-to-navigate interface. App developers frequently cram their apps with too much style and substance, making them difficult to navigate.

To do so, conduct as much research as you can and figure out which application forms you prefer. What factors contribute to the app's attractive design and ease of use? Focus on the dos and don'ts of the interface.

With a pencil and paper, you can draw the pages and how you want them to look, including font color, button and picture layout, and a rough sketch of just about everything.

Create a Graphic Design for Your App

To get from a concept sketch to a finished product, you'll need a graphics designer. You can use a graphic designer to help you visualize your app and how it will appear on the screen. These mockups show how your app will appear on a mobile phone screen. This design could be shown to investors and lenders or developers in order for them to replicate it for the final product.

If you're acquainted with graphic design, this shouldn't be a difficulty; or else, I recommend hiring a user interface designer.

App Marketing Plan

Your final design is complete, so now it's time for the most critical step: marketing! There are millions of apps available on app stores, making it highly tough for yours to make a mark and be noticed.

How will people find out that you've built an app? What makes your Islamic app special out of the hundreds of others? This is why you must successfully promote your product before launching it. You must attract the audience's interest using marketing methods.

You can use a variety of strategies to promote your app, including:

  • Email your pre-launch email list
  • Consider paid marketing
  • Doing a press release for your app
  • Promote through events
  • Get the word out
  • Referral programs

Build the App

Now is the time to start thinking about constructing your app. If you're familiar with app development, it shouldn't be a hardship; just utilize your programming skills and you'll be fine. It will take some time, but you will save a lot of money. Start by searching “how to develop a mobile app” if you believe you can learn app development.

Hiring a contractor through a website is an extra option. You can do so if you have a sufficient budget and accessibility to a reliable online resource. Another option is to work with an app development company.

App Store Submission

Congratulations! Your app is now ready for distribution. You must now submit it to the app store to make it available to the general audience. You must first submit it to the App Store and have it approved. After that, you'll need to fill out the metadata for your app and upload it.

Utilize Your App's Exposure to the Fullest

Don't stop working on marketing before and after your app's release. You may also try to get your application recognized in the App Stores, which would provide you a lot of publicity and downloads.

Among the other options:

  • Run a paid-to-free campaign
  • Effectively do your App Store Optimization
  • Influencer marketing

Improve App with User Feedback

Now it's time for user feedback and comments. The broader your app's reach, the higher its rating and reviews are. Acquire user reviews on app stores so that more people are aware of and interested in your app.

You should also take valuable criticism seriously and put it to better use in order to improve the customer experience.

What are the Challenges for Developing Islamic Apps?

Islamic App Development Technology Stacks are never complex. It is created in the same way as any other application. The lack of specialist resources, logistics, and the length of time it takes to design an Islamic app that meets all of the criteria set out by Islamic law are the most typical problems. Furthermore, developing and carefully adding content for a religious app is challenging because it requires greater effort.

The Tech Stack You'll Need to Make an Islamic App

In this Muslim App Development Tutorial, you'll learn how to develop an Islamic app using a technical stack that includes tools, frameworks, platforms, and programming languages. With the help of an integrated and efficient technical stack, you may create high-quality mobile or online applications.

To build a comprehensive functioning system for your Islamic application, you'll need two main technologies. The following is a list of them:

  • Front-End Technologies
  • Back-End Technologies

Front-End Technologies for Islamic App Development

Front-end technologies are often a combination of client-facing web application development tools. Many front-end technologies are used in the development of an Islamic application. Here's a list of the most commonly used front-end technologies.

To create a complete functional system for your Islamic application, you'll need certain technologies. The following are the details:

  • HTML (HyperText Markup Language)
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
  • JavaScript
  • Vue.js
  • Node.js
  • Angular
  • React.js

Back-End Technologies for Islamic App Development

A server keeps your program safe. A variety of tech tools and frameworks were used to create the server-side element. They're known as back-end technology stacks. Back-end Islamic App Development technologies that are frequently used. Having a basic understanding of each of these will guide you in the development of your Islamic App.

  • C# Programming Language
  • Java [Framework- Spring]
  • Python [Framework- Django, Pylons, Flask]
  • PHP [Framework- Laravel]
  • Ruby [Framework- Ruby on Rails]
  • Scala [Framework- Play]
  • Spring
  • Groovy on Grails
  • Web Server
  • Database
  • Storage

Islamic App Development Cost

Many Islamic app developers and clients are uncertain about how much it will cost to make an Islamic app. Furthermore, many individuals are perplexed as to why one app is more expensive than another. However, we'll try to discuss these things in better detail further down.

What Does It Cost to Develop an Islamic App? The complexity and utility of an Islamic app affect the normal cost of development. 

It takes time to build a standard location-based networking app, which costs starting from $5000 USD but upon requirements and features the budget can rise. You'll need this much money for back-end infrastructure and skilled engineers, just like Facebook.

Creating an Islamic app, on the other hand, will be more expensive than developing a utility software. As a result, when hiring an app development team, people typically choose developers from the United States, the United Kingdom, Bangladesh, India & Ukraine.


This article, in our opinion, covered nearly every single aspect of building an Islamic app. If you follow these criteria properly, every stage of Islamic app development should now be simple and clear for you.

Even so, there is no substitute for actual practice. Coding should be done at least once a day for at least an hour. Then you'll never have a problem with coding. To develop an Islamic app, you need more than just an app concept. Making an Islamic app, on the other hand, calls for a lot of forethought and preparation.

Following best practices in Islamic app development is another habit that can help you generate an outstanding Islamic app. One of these beneficial techniques is to review the app store guidelines before creating an app. In order to build an Islamic software from the ground up, you'll need a lot of time and expertise. A lot of practice is needed to get proficient at the talent. You should do additional research and strengthen your skills in Islamic app development to avoid a catastrophic start.

We’re open to answer any questions you might have about the programming. If you have any queries or concerns, please leave a remark below. we'll do my utmost to lay everything out for you.