Be smart. Reduce 80 Percent of your operating cost!

Be smart. Reduce 80 Percent of your operating cost!

The Software Development Process requires a healthy budget to run smoothly at every stage. As an owner, one has to consider plenty of things beforehand to ensure the best output at a minimal cost. Software Development cost varies greatly among regions. That would mostly depend on various economic variables such as - the quality of life, supply and demand of certain skill sets. Though the growing demand for software-related skills and expertise are on the rise throughout the world, the market value of them may vary from region to region.


According to, Software Developers in the United States of America are paid an average of $41.60 an hour. That can go up to as far as $63.40 an hour based on their geographical location, individual expertise, and company position. The pay scale varies greatly when you shift your focus away towards other continents seeing an upsurge in quality and experience. In the Asian and Polynesian regions, the hourly salary of individual software developers starts from as low as $15 which is about one-third of what Americans are used to paying their onshore developers.

The cost of the software development process can climb down if one is open to the idea of a remote developer team. Asian and South American developers have seen a drastic rise in the demand in the international market. Their locally viable employers cannot afford to pay them as much as their international ones. Hence, they happily opt for international projects over local ones. On the other hand, the international employers can pay about 30% of what they would have paid their local developers and profit from an effective cost-cutting. Both parties are delighted with the deal and the best quality almost always comes off that. There are a wide range of costs to be considered can be decreased by hiring an offshore team for development.


Hiring Costs


Hiring capable employees that suit your unique project is one massive hassle. Choosing the right candidates proves to be an even bigger challenge when it comes to testing their expertise and verifying their personal information. That boils down to one big bang on your wallet and a few added lines on your forehead. That could be avoided with a pre-formed remote team that you just have to choose and not take the hassle of hiring on your own. When geographical placement stops being a limitation, lots of new doors open to be explored. Of course, onshore remote teams relieve you of all the additional hassle with hiring but an offshore team will most definitely cut your total software development cost by nearly 70%.


Training Costs


Training facilities for the new recruits come with a big price tag. Usually, a few months’ training is organized for the team members as well before they can start working on their new project. The time is needed to develop understanding and bonding among the teammates as well as figuring things out about the new project at hand. If a few new developers or recruits join the team, the process takes longer and turns out to be more rigorous. The hassle and the cost of the whole training process can be cut if you pick a team consisting of experienced developers and ensure a project manager that takes his/her job seriously.


Operating Costs


The management cost becomes almost non-existent in the case of a remote team since the infrastructure, work environment control, human resource management, quality control etc. is outsourced automatically with the team. “Everything comes with a price” but that does not have to be true if you are well prepared beforehand. If a huge cost of team and office management can be outsourced at a great price why worry about them at all? Choose the right individual developers and a worthy team comprising them so that you can only supervise and guide them on the right course regardless of the location difference.


Additional Costs


Getting the best out of employees’ capabilities becomes the responsibility of the employer. That translates into infrastructure updates and new additions to in-house facilities to nudge their creativity and productivity. Companies invest millions of dollars to improve the work environment and the work-life balance of their employees. These additional investments can be easily skipped if a remote team is hired that is conducted efficiently without you worrying over it. 


Quality Concerns


Though choosing an offshore team definitely decreases cost but in software development it always isn’t the major issue, rather most of the clients consider quality as the top priority. With an experienced remote team of your own choice, the journey becomes time and quality efficient. You can choose your team based on their skills, years of proven experience in the field, work ethic, and dedication to their work. If you set well-thought-out requirements as a prerequisite for the team you are looking for, meeting them becomes easier, be it an onshore or an offshore remote team. You can choose to hire your project manager to lead the remote team or you can leave it all on the company you are trusting with your project. 


Increasing quality will not force an increased budget. You can be smart in the planning and strategizing stage so that it does not hit your pocket in the process. If you know what you want and plan accordingly, ensuring quality would not hugely depend on the money you are paying and rather on the strategy you are adopting. But would always depend on the quality of your team and the geographical location of your extended workforce.


As a software owner in the US or Europe looking for a Software Development solution, it is only reasonable to consider going offshore as well. You get to cut the total development cost by a massive 70% without compromising the quality or control over your project, so remote teams should be in the back of your mind while strategizing. Going global is certainly in trend as of now since virtual workspaces are being normalized at a greater pace since the COVID 19 outbreak. Lots of industries are realizing how they could easily switch to a virtual option when it comes to opt for a big cut in their expenses. Remote teams are more feasible than ever right now and when you are willing to develop software, the process becomes much easier than a lot of other businesses.