Remote Develop Team

Remote Develop Team

In this era of globalization, the decentralization of the workplace is a new reality now for the software world. Developing software remotely has been in practice around the last decade for its lucrative venture. The days are far gone when the development companies set an in-house team which cost them a large amount of money.

As you know, the Remote Development team can be formed in various ways. If you consider choosing a remote team for your project, you need to hold a crystal clear idea of it to choose wisely.


Remote Team


A remote development team is composed of professionals for software development who work independently or in collaboration with the in-house team on a development project to develop and deliver a project, who will work for you but not staying at your office premises.

You can choose a remote team onshore or offshore; or choose a freelancer, depending on your need for your project.  


Why Consider a Remote team?


The benefits of a remote team are not limited to its profitability. You should choose a remote team only if it suits your project the best. The reasons why companies consider to hire a remote team are presented below: 


Budget-Friendly Approach  


The remote team is the current best choice mostly because of its cost-cutting approach. It requires a great deal of money to pay the developer’s salary. But you can find an equally qualified, perhaps better team with lower cost, just because your remote team resides overseas. A remote team offshore will serve you better than a remote team onshore if you want to cut your budget really short. You can gain more profit by spending less on resources.

Again, if your office is small, where you cannot facilitate all the professionals then going with a remote team might be the best option for you.  




A remote team can be a valuable choice if your in-house team is not sufficient enough for the project at hand. Or for an additional project you have got. Studies show that independent teams are more resourceful which can have a greater impact on your project. You can make your own custom team for your custom development project with a team full of diversity.

A 2019 report shows that 41% of employees claim that they deal with talent shortage while searching for a developer. Well, there are numerous remote teams ready with their production team. All you need to do is, search for the perfect one for giving your dream project a go.


Diversity in Working Environment:


Working with different teams will provide you with multidimensional resources. Also, with the collaboration of your in-house team and remote team, you can get a unique team to develop your custom project. 


Time management 


If you know how to manage a team, then having a remote team will be an asset for you. It does not require in-person meetings that can save your valuable time which you can invest in any other in-house business of yours. Online meetings are the way of communication here which can be done any time, from anywhere. 


Which One to Pursue?       


Now that you know there is more than one approach to a remote team; it’s up to you with which one you want to be a partner with. 

There are two popular approaches to remote teams, namely onshore and offshore. 


Onshore approach 


An onshore company or team is the one whom you can find in your own country. In case you do not have an efficient team in your own office for the new project you are going to build, you can hire an onshore team. 

If you always want to be in touch in person with your onshore team, hiring an onshore team might be a better option for you.  This way, you can frequently visit them and  arrange a short meeting if needed. The benefit of an onshore team is that the language is the same, so you will face no issue in communicating.  

So, Working with an onshore remote team is comparatively easier than working with an offshore team, if your requirement is to be in constant in-person communication with your team; and if you do not have any issue with your budget. 


Offshore approach  


In easy words, an offshore team is the team whom you hire from a different country for saving your budget. For instance, if you are from the USA and are in shortage of budget, you can hire an offshore team from Bangladesh. This will cut your budget real short while increasing your chance in more profitability. 

Offshore is gaining more popularity for its cost-saving and productive approach. If you know how to manage an offshore development team, then it will provide you with the best products at the least cost. Communication with your offshore team is not hard as we have entered the world of virtual communication now. Besides, the pandemic has taught us how to keep in touch and work with all virtually. You can visit these links to know how to hire an offshore team and how to manage an offshore team

This approach does not involve any in-office meetings which are actually beneficial as it makes your work environment easier. All you need to do is keep strong communication with your team online. 


Nearshore team: 


The Nearshore team is the one which is not from your country but is from a country near to you. The team from another country close to you gives you the benefit of sharing the same culture. If a USA company hires a team from Europe or, if a UK company hires a team from Germany, that will be hiring a nearshore team.  


Which One to Choose? 


It’s up to your project and budget, and your comfort. Both of them have advantages and disadvantages. But, what is an advantage for one particular project might be a disadvantage for another unique project. 

Individual or Team? 


Some say, individuals are more productive and some others claim, the team is the one to go with. Choices vary from person to person. If your project can be done with an individual, then that’s your choice to take; and vice versa. 

With a team, comes the word ‘management’. If managing a team seems hard for you, the individual is the one for you. 

From my experience with IOTA Infotech, I can say, hiring a team is a better option than hiring individuals. Coping up with a freelancer might be tough as they might deal with more than one project single hand at the same time. But if you manage to choose a productive team and know the management process, then that team will do its best with proper responsibility.   

There will always be pros and cons with every single approach. You need to consider all the circumstances well before choosing a team for your unique project. As Henry Kniberg states, ‘The important thing is not your process. The important thing is your process for improving your process’

So, choose wisely!