Did You See Cons In Offshore Team

Did You See Cons In Offshore Team

In case your in-house developers or the onshore developers near you are not your choices in developing your eccentric project, engaging with an offshore team can be a great choice as it offers miscellany in productivity under a real short budget.  


If you need a refill: the offshore team is a team of developers to whom you will hand over your project to develop who are located in a remote country. 

Generally, the USA and the European countries develop their projects by handing over the project to any third party development team to cut the budget short as the cost of developing in-house and inshore (developers from the same country) teams are really high. As they deliver the projects to the developing team locating off the shore, the teams are popularly known as the offshore development teams.

Every advantage has its own disadvantage. You need to know the cons of an offshore team before getting involved with one. 



Many software companies forget to look into the drawbacks of an offshore team as their main focus is to save their budget. But a little bit of research always pays off. Knowing the cons can help you get the best team from the market. 




One of the major issues in outsourcing your project is the huge time difference. It might be midnight in your place when it’s office hour for your offshore team. Many companies hesitate to hire even a productive team they like offshore just because there is a huge time gap. 


There is obviously a solution to this. The main media of communication here is online. You can always mail them any time that suits you and they will mail you at their available time. Also, you and your team can collaborate over whats app, messenger, skype, slack or other means of communication to clear the team the crucial points to your projects when it’s a good time to chat for both of you. Proper communication is a key to success here. Again, if you go agile with your offshore team, you can monitor the workflow anytime you want with the help of modern technology. The time difference is no more an issue in this digital era. 


DATA THEFT :      


Data security is now a common concern while working with an offshore company. There might be a risk of losing your data, code, or other secret information relating to your company or project from the offshore team. 


To mitigate this risk, you need to include copyright clause, non-disclosure agreement or confidentiality clause as the terms of the contract. It is important to communicate the consequence of the term properly to your team. Other than that, you can develop a way to lock your data in such a way so that your in-house employees can monitor it from your office.   




You may think language and cultural differences can be a limitation to develop your project with the team you want to hire. This is a crucial point as communication is the key component and it might seem hard to make an offshore team understand your point due to language as well as cultural barrier.


Well, the offshore teams, as are interested to work with you, will always have team members who at least know the international language and you always have the freedom to choose a team you are linguistically comfortable with. Again, in this globalized world, we always encounter people from different cultural backgrounds. So, handling cultural differences is no more a big issue now. 




Quality and productivity becomes a major concern when it comes to an offshore team. If your offshore team cannot ensure quality and productivity, everything will go in vain. Finding a productive and qualified team with the budget you can afford among hundreds of available options in the market is really tougher than you think. You can find some company who offer work at a very low price but will not be able to develop your project the very way you want to, and you can find a perfect team to develop your unique project working with whom can exceed your budget. 


While searching for an offshore team, you need to look for as much information as possible to get from available online or offline mediums. Through this, you can get a detailed idea of their background and history. You can check out their website properly to get an idea of what types of projects they deal with. Checking their portfolio can help in this regard as you will get an idea about their work. As mentioned before, communication plays a key role while hiring an offshore team. You can always communicate with them to find out if the team is well suited with your terms and requirements. Ask them all the detailed information you want to know before getting involved with them. Then again, it is all about making the right judgment.




There is a possibility that your team working offshore can be late in delivering the project. If the team is not responsible enough, or is not qualified enough, your project gets lengthier which will lead you to invest more than your actual budget. 


You cannot avoid delay if there are reasons which are out of your team’s hands. Apart from that, what you can do is, be extra careful while selecting your team. If I talk about IOTA Infotech , they have been in the market since 2008. They’re proven to handle a project responsibly ensuring quality and in-time delivery. 


Besides, monitoring your team’s work regularly is another efficient way to get your work done in time. If you go Agile (hyperlink) with your offshore team, it will be easier to monitor and manage your team efficiently. You will be benefited if you choose a team who are skillful in working agile like IOTA Infotech . The specialty of IOTA Infotech . is that they are not only comfortable but also efficient at working in agile mode.