SLA-Based Approach

SLA-Based Approach

If you want to develop a project that has specific deliverables & requirements, our Project Based Engagement module is the perfect match. We will implement & execute the project with our long experienced team of professionals and it will be our responsibility to ensure the successful completion of your project on time. 

  1. Build a custom solution perfectly fulfilling your requirement!
  2. Outline your project aligned to your budget and timeframe!
  3. Get delivery of the solution on time!

Our project-based engagement can be helpful to execute your custom solutions efficiently!

We will build you fully scalable, agile, and robust solutions leveraging modern technologies. We ensure the successful development of custom software by implementing proven methodologies. IOTA Infotech takes the sole responsibility to deliver your solution on time. 

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With Our

Project-Based Engagement,

Get enhanced customer satisfaction. 

Customize your software aligning with your business needs. Give us your idea and deliverables and we will provide efficient solutions as per your directions.

Productize your idea

Build software solutions as per your business needs
Scope of making additional changes

Get successful delivery on time. 

How Does it Work?

With IOTA Infotech, Project-based engagement is much easier. With our years of experience, we have developed a process that will make every step of your development journey, from hiring to getting the job done, a lot easier, faster, transparent, and efficient.

Discovery & project understating

We begin with getting complete information from you about your goal. We will conduct our research on your requirements. We will sketch the dynamics, technical requirements, duration, and overall expenses in detail. After that, we will give you a complete presentation of our findings in an understandable and clear way so we are sure about our mutual goals. 

Resource identification & quotation

Following discovery, together we will identify the resources that would be needed on your project considering the timeline. Through our rigorous research & analysis, we will define the roadmap and strategy for the project. We will categorize the development process and the necessary resources for each part. We will quote a detailed budget for the implementation of the project. 

Meet your project coordinator

We will set up an exclusive team with a project coordinator and technical project manager, who will work on your project. We will gather them and introduce them to you so that they have the actual knowledge of the project, directly from you.  Our project manager and coordinator will have a sound sense of business analysis and technical consultancy. You will have the scope to contact the project manager during the development process. The PM will uphold your interest, take care of major communication,  and successful project delivery. 


Once we are all set, the team will go live and start working on your project exclusively. Our QA engineers, designers, application developers, database developers, architects, and project managers will start working on their specified tasks. Each member of your team will solely focus on your project and the appointed PM and Co-ordinator will ensure the promised output while keeping you updated with the necessary details. Our execution model combines proven methodologies, advanced frameworks, and robust security standards. You will have the scope of giving feedback and making additional changes. 

Delivery and continual maintenance

IOTA Infotech follows a unique delivery framework that is consistent, predictable, and transparent. From the kick-off to delivery, we take our deadlines seriously and avoid uncertainties. We provide continuous and top-class maintenance support ensuring optimum performance of your solution. You can also opt for on-demand or specific maintenance support. 

For whom it is helpful 

Software companies, enterprises, entrepreneurs, agencies, and new businesses.

Organizations that are seeking to execute a dedicated project. 

Businesses who want exclusive solutions for their business. 

Organizations that don’t have the resources to carry out a specific project.


    • Fixed cost and delivery of the project. 
    • Cost-effective and efficient solution. 
    • You can get experts working for you from any part of the world.
    • You will not require any physical infrastructure to execute the project.

For whom it is Helpful:

    • Projects which need to be delivered during a short time.
    • Projects with fixed costs.
    • Small business and entrepreneurship.