Project-Based Engagement

Project-Based Engagement


If you want to develop a project that has specific deliverables & requirements, our SLA Based Engagement module is the perfect match. We will implement & execute the project with our long experienced team of professionals and It will be our responsibility to ensure the successful completion of your project on time. 


  1. Build a custom solution perfectly fitting your requirement!
  2. Outline your project aligned to your budget and timeframe!
  3. Claim damages upon breach of agreement



Our Service Level Agreement can lead you through prosperity!

We build and let you hire a fully scalable team of dedicated developers, designers, and other experts who will work exclusively on your projects according to your needs just like any in-house team but without any hiring hassle.IOTA Infotech will take the complete responsibility of monitoring and guiding your team to successfully implement the project throughout the project lifecycle.

With Our

SLA-Based approach,

You have nothing to worry about.


Implement projects with clearly agreed requirements & limitations. Successful implementation is our responsibility. 


Service as per the agreement.

Successful implementation is our responsibility

Damages in case of non-performance of the agreement

Project manager upholding your interest. 

How Does it Work

With IOTA Infotech, Service Level Agreement (SLA) is more flexible. With our years of experience, we have developed a process that will make every step of your development journey, from hiring to getting the job done, a lot easier, faster, transparent, and efficient.

Understanding the Project 

Understanding your vision means a lot to us. So, we start with getting a sense of the project, its dynamics as well as technical requirements, and most importantly your demands and expectations to perfectly outline the structure, specifications, and expected duration of your project. Besides all this, we provide a complementary consultancy on both technical and commercial aspects.

Cost Estimation and Resource Identification 

Under an SLA-based approach, we will take the complete responsibility to find, filter, and acquire the best resources to execute your project flawlessly. We will handle everything from scratch like recruiting, training, managing, monitoring, and ensuring proper utilization of each resource. Furthermore, in this phase, we will give you a detailed budget that will be presented precisely and you know how much you will be spending throughout the project lifecycle upfront.  

Team Setup and Meeting

Based on the requirements of your project, we will hunt for the best possible resources from the community and arrange the necessary training for them to get on with your project as fast as possible. We will also assign a dedicated project manager to handle, monitor, and ensure your deadlines are met with minimum exceptions. Once we have successfully constructed the team, we will have a meeting with you to introduce the team and start working with your approval.

Execution  & timeless monitoring

Once we are all set, the team will go live and start working on your project exclusively. You will have full visibility of the work we are working on. Each member of your team will solely focus on your project and the appointed PM and Co-ordinator will ensure the promised output while keeping you updated with the necessary details.Our execution model combines proven methodologies, advanced frameworks, and robust security standards, and gives you full visibility at all times.

Delivery & Continual Maintenance

IOTA Infotech follows a unique delivery framework that is consistent, predictable, and transparent. From the kick-off to delivery, we take our deadlines seriously and avoid unreal possibilities. You may retain the contract running with the team or a particular member of the team even if the project has ended. You may come to another contract later at any time, for maintenance or any other sort of work as per your demand. 

For whom it is helpful 

  • Software companies, enterprises, entrepreneurs, agencies, and new businesses.
  • Organizations that are seeking to execute a dedicated project. 
  • Businesses who want exclusive solutions for their business. 
  • Organizations that don’t have the resources to carry out a specific project.


  • Liabilities are fixed for the provider.
  • Non-performance of the agreement will provide damages. 
  • Negotiated and mutually accepted. 
  • In case of disagreement, the SLA can be used as a written reference.